What is Bullying?
Bullying is an ongoing abusive behavior against one’s peers. The bully (or bullies) may control or intimidate an individual with physical, verbal or relational threats. Over time, this negativity can leave lasting emotional damage. Bullying is pathetic, and no one should have to endure it.

Bullying is a problem for kids in many schools, and is not specific to any social group. Some incidents go unreported because the victim fears further mistreatment. Even bystanders who witness the event may encourage the bully, or not do anything at all. With so much pressure on those involved, there needs to be as many anti-bullying resources available for those that need it most.

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Life of Lydie: Bully Blues (Issue #1)
As the new girl in town, Lydie is excited about the first day of middle school. While playing a video game on the bus, a bully named Duff attacks and steals it from her. Unsure of how to defend herself, will anyone come to Lydie's rescue?


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